In the wake of the current social

and environmental world challenges,

companies that want to get ahead need

to rethink their business models and 

build more environmentally resilient, 

socially-conscious, smart enterprises.

We support clients through such journey by providing three lines of services: strategy consulting, brand alignment and performance management, around core Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) pillars.

Project Development
& Financing

We support clients with project development, financial structuring, and resource mobilization for projects that contribute to positive environ-mental and social impacts in sectors such as clean energy, water and infrastructure. 

In such capacity, PRISSMA provides 

raising of project debt and equity, investment opportunity origination, issuance or verification of green bonds and structuring of green funds and stock exchange indexes. 

Capacity Building

PRISSMA develops and implements human capital development programs 

and open innovation models that foster creativity and participation around the development of profitable sustainable solutions.


Through PRISSMA Institute, we have developed proprietary methodologies on Product Innovation & SustainabilityProject Design, Program Management and Fundraising.



PRISSMA stands for

“Projects for Social Innovation and Sustainability of the Environment” 

in Spanish. 

The firm, incorporated in 2010, provides sustainability consulting to corporations, investment funds, multilaterals and mission-based organizations to tailor their strategies around sustainable investments and to mobilize capital towards projects that contribute to growing the green economy.  


PRISSMA is based in Washington D.C. and has offices in Colombia and Peru. PRISSMA is a certified Women-Owned Business by the United States' Women's Chamber of Commerce.

We work alongside clients to strengthen their internal capacities to self-innovate, design sustainable projects with high socio-economic impact, and leverage investment resources more effectively.

Meet The Team

Paloma Bernal
Program Evaluation Specialist

Paloma is an Economist, specialized in Program Evaluation. She Paloma has led numerous evaluations financed by multilateral organizations on the areas of trade and competitiveness, 

innovation, foreign investment, and the value contribution of global supply chain systems, with novel research methodologies. Paloma holds a Phd in Business Management from Rey Juan Carlos University.

Oswaldo Patiño
Sustainable Transportation Specialist

As an Economist, specialized in Sustainable Transportation and Urban Infrastructure. He has led the design, supervision and evaluation of several development programs financed by the World Bank, IDB, GEF and other multilateral funds. Oswaldo was a Transport Infrastructure Specialist for the World Bank in Peru, and holds an M.A. in Applied Economics from American University.

Victoria Galeano
Founder & CEO

Victoria is the Founder and CEO of PRISSMA. Victoria has extensive experience in the development of green finance instruments and environmental policy in emerging markets, especially Latin America. Victoria holds an MPA from Columbia University in Environmental Policy and Sustainability.

Juan Andrés López
Climate Finance Specialist

Juan Andrés is a Carbon Finance Expert. He has led multiple climate change mitigation, adaptation and emissions reduction programs in Latin America, including several REDD+ projects, and the assessment of various national GHG inventories in different sectors. Juan Andrés holds an M.A. in International Economics, Energy and Environment from Johns Hopkins University.  

Orlando Altamirano
Renewable Energy Specialist

Orlando is a Renewable Energy Expert. He has implemented large scale regional initiatives related to environmental and clean energy projects, with emphasis in climate change, cleaner production, clean energy, urban environmental evaluation and territorial planning. Orlando was Regional Environmental and Energy Specialist at USAID, and holds an M.S. in Engineering (from University of Texas).



PRISSMA has been retained by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank to design capital market instruments to finance climate change and renewable energy projects in Latin America. 



PRISSMA has worked with Stock Exchanges and Investment Funds to help them integrate an environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy and develop analytical tools that allow for better identification and measurement of sustainability risks and exposures.   


Our gender specialists work alongside our clients' technical teams to mainstream gender equality factors into public policy and program design.   


Monitoring, Evaluation and Lessons Learning are part of our core advisory and capacity building services.  Our experts have performed hundreds of evaluations to offer guidance, mid-term course corrections and lessons learnt dissemination to our clients.



Redirecting Capital Towards Sustainable Investments

March 01, 2018

Written by Victoria Galeano and Dr. Jerry Haar for America Economía, this article centers around the idea that companies that incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into their operations produce higher financial returns and are better at attracting capital towards "green" and sustainable initiatives, creating a positive impact on society and the environment. 

Good Corporate Citizenry, No Longer a Choice but a Necessity

August 15, 2017

Written by Victoria Galeano and Dr. Jerry Haar for Latin Trade, this article addresses today´s importance for companies to be a good “corporate citizen”, which entails acting responsibly towards consumers, employees, society in general and the environment, as well as incorporating good governance practices that allow investors to accurately assess the financial future of the company and to transparently visualize its main risks. 

IndexAmericas: A Breakthrough in Measuring Corporate Sustainability

April 06, 2017

Written by Victoria Galeano and Dr. Jerry Haar for Latin Trade, this article talks about IndexAmericas, the first Index for Latin America that measures the performance of large companies operating in the region according to environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. IndexAmericas was developed by a PRISSMA team of advisors, expert in the development of Sustainability Stock Exchange Indexes for the Inter-American Development Bank. 

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