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SDG Sustainability Survey

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by 193 countries at the United Nations General Assembly, defined global priorities regarding sustainable development and emphasized the need for concerted efforts to implement these objectives by 2030. The SDGs call on governments, companies and civil society to end poverty and to ensure all people equal opportunities and a chance at a dignified life.

To achieve the SDGs, it is essential that companies measure the efforts they undertake to tackle social and environmental issues including, but not limited to, climate change and its impacts, access to electricity and water and sanitation services, and gender equality. In September 2015, Argentina affirmed its commitment to the new SDG agenda through the document “Transforming our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” And it made important strides toward involving the private sector in SDG-related efforts by identifying opportunities that would allow companies to contribute to their implementation.

Assignment Name:

SDG Sustainability Survey


The Stock Exchange of Argentina (BYMA)


As part of its overall efforts on sustainability, the Stock Exchange of Argentina (BYMA), wanted to understand more deeply the actions taken by large corporations at their interior to measure and mitigate their exposure to sustainability risks.


PRISSMA designed a Sustainability Survey for large corporations operating in Argentina to capture their investment trends, their current practices in terms of environmental, social and governance factors, as well as their commitment to promoting socio-economic development and alignment between their corporate value chains and the SDGs.

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