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The firm, incorporated in 2010, provides sustainability consulting to corporations, investment funds, multilaterals and mission-based organizations to tailor their strategies around sustainable investments and mobilize capital towards projects that contribute to growing the green economy.  


PRISSMA is based in Washington D.C. and has offices in Colombia and Peru. PRISSMA is a certified Women-Owned Business by the United States' Women's Chamber of Commerce.

We work alongside clients to strengthen their internal capacities to self-innovate, design sustainable projects with high socio-economic impact, and leverage investment resources more effectively.

Meet The Team

Victoria Galeano
Founder & CEO

Victoria is the Founder and CEO of PRISSMA. Victoria has extensive experience in the development of green finance instruments and environmental policy in emerging markets, especially Latin America. Victoria holds an MPA from Columbia University in Environmental Policy and Sustainability.

Juan Andrés Lopez
Climate Change Specialist

Juan Andrés is a Carbon Finance Expert. He has led multiple climate change mitigation, adaptation and emissions reduction programs in Latin America, including several REDD+ projects, and the assessment of various national GHG inventories in different sectors. Juan Andrés holds an M.A. in International Economics, Energy and Environment from Johns Hopkins University. 

Orlando Altamirano
Renewable Energy Specialist

Orlando is a Renewable Energy Expert. He has implemented large scale regional initiatives related to environmental and clean energy projects, with emphasis in climate change, cleaner production, clean energy, urban environmental evaluation and territorial planning. Orlando was Regional Environmental and Energy Specialist at USAID, and holds an M.S. in Engineering (from University of Texas).

Project Sponsors

Project Sponsors, developers or social/environmental entrepreneurs can share their projects for evaluation and consideration for funding.


Institutional or Private Investors can get involved with us to learn about our current portfolio of sustainable projects and innovations that yield great returns while doing good. 

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